About us

Patricia Petapermal / Tatjana Lee


is an intercultural artist group between the Franco-Indian artist Patricia Petapermal and the German-Korean artist Tatjana Lee. The female artist duo paints with a unique concept for visual artists.

We are breaking new ground with our works. We deal with very current topics such as the Fridays for future demonstrations, dealing with nature and wildlife, digitalization, artificial intelligence or control by algorithms. In relation to the old masters, we reflect current, sociopolitical topics in a new, narrative way with elements from contemporary and urban art, surrealism, comic art and symbolism. We use the visual arts to provoke dialogue in society to open new perspectives and support diversity.

Guiding principle

Our artistic work is focused on the human being and the relationship to his environment and his fellow human beings. Because of our intercultural roots, one of our main emphasis lays on the topic „identity“.

For us, art is a universal medium of communication that transcends cultural, temporal and spatial boundaries. Through our paintings, we want to promote dialogue between people, open up new perspectives and support diversity.

We use our works to spark people’s awareness, drawing attention to the state of emergency our world is in.

Working method

By exchanging the canvases in the first stages of development and by constant spiritual and academical exchange during the collaboration, impressive powerful images are created.

The process of creating a work is very intuitive in the beginning. Each artist grabs the colors and writes, drips or paints on the canvas. Then the canvas is changed and we search for inspiration in the resulting structures of the other and work out elements of it. During this process an exchange arises between the visual impressions and the subconscious world of the creators and a first idea for the work begins to break ground. After this creative seed has been planted in the work, it goes back to the original painter. In several repetitions of these destructive and creative cycles, a unique work with two souls on one canvas blossoms.